Tony Goldwyn as Andrew Prior - Divergent (2014) - HD gifset


Unpopular Opinion: I don’t hate Will Schuester. He definitely screws up a lot, but I think A LOT of the things he does gets misinterpreted and twisted. I get irritated with him, but I don’t think he’s the monster that so many in the fandom make him out to be.

Oh damn it… Just realized that Tom Wlaschiha is actually German haha. I always wondered how well he could pronounce the words ”Kriminalpolizei” in Crossing Lines because at the beginning I thought he was a Polish actor. After the revelation hit me, I watched an interview of him speaking English again and, as I am German myself, I could clearly hear his German accent :D


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Carl Hickman CLS2E2

Crossing Lines Series 2 :: Coming Soon in 2014


Fitz thinking about Olivia #Olitz - 2x15



Olitz + Emotions running high…..



Kerry and I just have this subliminal connection as people and as actors, which contributes to our physical chemistry on-screen together. She is—in addition to being one of the best actresses in America—an extraordinary team leader on our show. She approaches her work with this ferocious enthusiasm and work ethic that’s not at all self-serious. She sets an example for all of us of how to be fun and work hard. So working with her is just—you’re always challenged by her and inspired. With some actors, you end up talking about the scenes, figuring it out. Kerry and I never have to talk about anything. We always seem to be coming from the same place, and both of us are actors who tend to throw ourselves into whatever we’re doing. We just really trust each other, and it’s always thrilling, I think.

- Tony Goldwyn